Selling my Carleton Canoe In need of Resto


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello all, I just wanted to give you nice folks a heads up regarding my Carleton Canoe. I am forced to sell my project Canoe. I had hopes and dreams of restoring it back to its potential glory, but my current home life is preventing this from happening any time soon, so I though it would be best to hand it over to people who will treat and respect this beautiful Canoe for what it is. She deserves to be restored properly and I know that you guys know what this is and its signifigance. I hope I haven't violated any rules or regs by posting a heads up on this forum and not in another....I dont mean to do the wrong thing. The Canoe seems to be in very restorable condition...Obviously it needs new canvas...the restoration process is up to you of course.
SO, anyway here she is....I have many, many more photos. I do believe I will be putting her on Ebay unless you people intervene and send me emails expressing interest. Just send me an email to Dsquill at AOL if you are interested in seeing/buying her.

The dimensions are as follows
17 Ft Long
13 inches Deep
2 Feet 9 1/4 inches wide at its widest part

The serial number is INTERESTING....I say this because each number in the sequence can be read backwards....89899 OR IS IT 66868?....In all honesty I do believe that the number is intended to be read as 89899. Please let me know if you are interested I will be creating the ebay Ad in the next day or so. Anyway, thats it....Have a great day all. I truly want this Canoe to go to someone who will appreciate, restore and love it.....she deserves that.


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