Canvas Q? on kayak deck, no wood backing.

bob goeckel

Wooden Canoe Maniac
the canvas is to be stretched across a longitudinal deck beam. there is no other support. what is the best way to coat the canvas since sanding is out of the question. is another decking material more better for this application? i was thinking about boat cover material with a paint coating on it. any ideas are welcome. thanks
I have used heat shrinkable dacron of the lightest weight for rowingshell decks
built in the same manner. For water-proofing I use latex paint.This is the same as for ultra-light airplane use. There are different weights of this material, as there is of canvas. You can use cotton sheeting for this job also.
Remember the only reason to fill canvas is to make it smooth to reduce drag and give some abbrasion resistance. Neither is necessary for decking.
Best - Hank