Canoe Songs

Max Peterson

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I've been enjoying the "Canoesongs" CD that I received as a Christmas present and wondered if there are collections of similar songs in print. Any suggestions?
FYI; There are two volumes of "Canoesongs", And now also available;
"The Music of Canoesongs"!
from; [sample mp3s available there too!]

Also of possible related interest are the two CDs by Dave Hadfield;
Wilderness Waltz and Northern Breeze.
Dave provides the lyrics to these, with such notable songs as;
Bush Pilot Song, Spanish River, Canadian Tire, Osprey, Bushwacker, etc.
Max, the WCHA store has two CD's available. I have the one with the wooden canoe on the front and enjoy it very much. Cannot comment on the other.