Promotional stuff?

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
Hi, is there any thing I could print here and hand out to promote WCHA? I am speaking about canoes next week to a group of about 250. Probably one sheet. Can I do that? Any suggestions?
Thanks, Dave.
Printable versions of the WCHA brochure are available at to be distributed as appropriate. These are usually printed on tan or other lightly colored paper. The direct links are for the front of the brochure in Portable Document Format (.PDF file, 184K bytes) and for the inside of the brochure in Portable Document Format (.PDF file, 78K bytes). Good luck and let me know if this doesn't answer your question.


If you scramble, you may be able to get pre-printed brochures from Al Bratton and sample journals from Patty MacLeish in time for your meeting. Otherwise, Martin and Benson have already clued you in...

Regardless of whether you get brochures from Al or print your own, the phone number needs to be changed - I don't have the new one handy but you can get it from Annie Burke.