canoe 16-48=663

Brad Black

Curious about Wooden Canoes
i recently purchased a wood and canvas canoe in need of restoration. The serial number 16-48=663 is stamped in both stems. i am completely new to all of this and just joined the association. any help would be appreciated.


yes, pictures...

Your serial number would match the configuration of Old Town and some other builders if the = was a number... are you certain it's an "equals sign" and not a digit?

16-48 663

I will recheck the number - it was very hard to read. I will be back in touch.

I'm thinking White, I know of one with the S/N 16 52 1610, which seems to be the pattern of this one. If the pattern is correct, this would be a 16 ft canoe built in 1948 and number 663.

Of course all of this is subject to pics.

Oh, remember that OT generally puts the length after the S/N not before.

Hello again, Brad--

Sometimes taking a picture of the serial number with a digital camera will help to bring things out that the eye doesn't see "in person"... and sometimes posting that picture here can help-- many eyes may come up with a consensus!

By the way, welcome!

update on 16 48 663

I finally have pictures of the canoe I asked about last week. I hope this helps.


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16 48 663

I should aslo add that there are holes and bolts in the bow and stern that appear to be for a seat, but there are only two holes (one on each side). There are already three thwarts, but I do not know how a seat could be seat up that way.

Thx, brad


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Looks like you may have a White Canoe Company canoe - the serial number format and wrap-around stem brass are the clues. These were often set up with thwarts only (no seats), often typically for the Scouts.
White Canoe Company

Any info on this company and their boats? My canoe is 16'. My next step is research on restoring the canoe. I appreciate any suggestions.