Broken ribs!

Blue Viking

Wooden Canoe Maniac
:eek: OUCH!.....when I got the Chestnut home and looked at it real close, I found 3 broken ribs side by each. These are the narrow ribs on this model...
Any suggestions or advice on "unclinching" the nails to remove these 3 ribs. There has to be at least 60 of them on each rib...Or do I just gently split the wood as I get to each nail....then there is removing the nail from the planking without damaging them..
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When I had to remove a bunch of ribs, I found that if you run a grinder down the inside of the rib, you can grind the clenched part of the tack off making removal easier.

With only 3 ribs, probably not worth the effort and risk of an "out-of-control" grinder doing a lot of damage - just use a good tack puller and work with each tack to find the best angle to remove it.
I used the tack remover doohickey from Northwoods (can be found in a good hardware store)

It does the least damage to the plank. Naturally the new rib was tacked in new holes. I filled the worst of the old tack holes in the outside of the planking by smearing some thickened epoxy into them - though I'm sure it was unnecessary.

But that tack remover was a great tool. You can see where two ribs were replaced here.

Just finished restoring a Chestnut this spring and found it easier to just use a sharp knife and split the rib and then just back out the tack. By the way once you've canvassed your canoe if you want to place a Chestnut decal on the canoe you can find these at Ivy Lea Shirt Company. Think they're listed in the suppliers section. Located in Ontario. Decals add a nice touch to your finished canoe.

:) Thanks fro the info....Already contacted them and have the decal and the 2 names ordered....Now all I have to do is get to that point!