Broken Rib Under Stem

Skip Worzel

New Member
I have been given an old Pen Yann canoe. For me it it an ideal repair training canoe since everything needs repair. It has a couple broken ribs that go under the stem. My question is how to replace them?

I have two options as I see them:

Option 1: I could bend the rib over the outside of the canoe and then remove the stem and install the rib and reinstall the stem.
(The stem also needs repair. I have steam bend new stem stock. I have the option of scarfing a piece or replacing the whole stem.)

Option 2: I could bend the rib over the outside of the canoe and then cut it in half and instal each half as a cant rib.

Which option do you feel is better and why or is there another mathod that I have not yet thought of?
Skip if you post a picture it might be easier for someone to give you an idea. I suspect their are some people here who have dealt with the same problem.

I had the same problem with my OTCA. We actually had the rib bent correctly but could not get it to slide under the stem--logistics of the extreme bend prevented it. We cut the rib in the center instead where it sits under the stem, scarfed the joint, and glued and clamped the heck out of it. Worked out great, and you can't see it once the canoe is finished. This shouldn't be your biggest problem! Have fun.

you might consider removal / loosening of planking on one side. that may give you access to work it in place. then put the planks back
Thanks for the input. I have thinking along the lines of Dave Parmelee. Except I did not think of scarfing and gluing. I believe this is what I will try to do. Thanks for all of your input and ideas.