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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I recently acquired a 16' wood/canvas canoe. There are no labels or numbers that I can find. The previous owner tells me that his father-in-law bought it at Eaton's in 1966 and that he thought it was made in Quebec. A bit of research led me to Huron Canoes and Bastien. Photos and descriptions of Bastien boats look very similar to my new boat. Unfortunately, it needs some repair. The two ribs aft of the bow stem are cracked and the canvas is not in good shape. I've perused previous threads on recanvassing and am ready to give it a try. Can anyone recommend a decent reference book? The carved beaver on the bow deck was done by a student of the former owner.

Oakville, Ont
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I'd add to Mike's suggestion The Art of the Canoe with Joe Saliga by Jerry Stelmok available from the same place. The photos in that book are wonderful and a very helpful accompaniment to the book Mike suggests. Besides, it's a good read.
The canoe ID is correct. I've seem a LOT of these canoes. It appears to be in above average condition, most are not cared for well. The two books mentioned and this forum will set you up for a job well done.
Thanks for all the advice. The book titles will go on my Christmas list - are you reading this Dan? I couldn't pass up this canoe for $300 even if it won't fit in my garage.

George Chisholm
Oakville, Ont