Any Ideas On Identification


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Wondering if you have any ideas on this canoe's email from owner with measurements as 14 ft. in length, 34 inches wide and 12 to 13 inches in depth (unsure of which) serial number found anywhere....but has remnants of Peteborough sticker....supposedly built in 40s or 50s....also wondering about heart shaped decks?????
My guess is:

1447 Muskrat 14 x 34 x 12 Canvas 1941


1450 Pond 14 x 34 x 13 Canvas Prospector 1941-1956

Any ideas or help appreciated.

Two more of what appears to be remainder of Peterborough decal....the other serial number on stem that owner finally found after closer check



I can't make out serial number....any suggestions?????
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A heart-shaped deck is not out of line for a Peterborough. Until someone jumps in here who really knows Canadian canoes (which would not be me), I'd assume the decal is a major clue. If the 14 foot length is correct (and not a measurement that doesn't take into consideration outward curvature of the stems), I have found it interesting that few American builders made a 14 foot canoe. Gerrish did, early-on... and there are a few others... but for some reason that I would be interested in knowing, the big names in American canoe-building skipped that size. Fourteen feet is long enough not to look tubby if the canoe is wide enough not to be tippy. So, at 14 feet, you may not have a tippy tubby tub.
That was my understanding too, Kathryn....and there were 14 ft models of Peterborough canoes that could match the measurements owner provided....the serial number doesn't read easily but doesn't look like anything for two models I suspected....that of Muskrat (Trapper's/Lightweights/Specials) which was 89 for 1929, 1938 or 1447 for 1941 and Pond (Prospector) which was 89X for 1929, 1938 and 1450 for 1941, 1956
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My thoughts too Andre....owner is planning leaving keel off when restored....seats and gunwales obviously added on later