already have my copy

thanks greg

inexplicably, when I copy/pasted the item number
it put in a different item number and explicably-what are the odds of that?
Perhaps one in a million randomly.

Stelmok's book at a bargain.
Under 24 hours to go.
I wonder what went wrong?
Gawd! Had me the most difficult time trying to figure out what you guys were getting on about. Fleabay!!! Who would have thought? Now my head hurts.
I'm with Scott T- I kept thinking "Surely I'm missing something here... this thread makes no sense at all!" Thought maybe I'd unknowingly been exposed to PCP or something...

!!! 7734 40
Dave's number

I took Dave's 260188598305 to be an ISBN so I
looked on for it.

I had heard that the book " A Million Random Digits with
100,000 Normal Deviates" had very funny reviews so that
is where my number "0833030477" came from; it's the

Greg careful that "190178161393" looks like one of them
there prime numbers - could be tricky!
All this way into the thread, and I STILL have no idea what you're all talking about! None what so ever...
A book

Doug. this is what happens to paddlers that don't
get enough paddling in.

Dave's number is an item number on ebay.

I have been following this book with the idea of bidding on it
but I don't have a strong interest in it; so if one you want it
post here and I well not bid against you.

with twelve minutes to go (ebay auction), I'll try to fill in the blanks.
Was looking on ebay for the listing of the Morris receipt mentioned by Kathy. Found a listing for The Maine Guide Canoe, a book by Jerry Stelmok. It seemed, at the time a good idea to let members know. I copied the item number and pasted it here, above. Turns out for some reason the number I pasted became a different number altogether that referenced an Amzon book on random numbers or some such thing. Which seemed humorus, at the time. Thus my subsequent reply as to "what are the odds?"
Greg Nolan discovered the problem and copied the correct number for ebay. Anyway the price went up to six or seven buxks and the auction is probably done. If by chance someone here did benefit, then that would be a good thing.
Statistically speaking, that is.
" A Million Random Digits with
100,000 Normal Deviates"
thanks dave!
i did benefit. couldn't put it down. the plot was amazing. although the term "normal deviates" was confusing.:D

can't wait for the movie!
hehe. putting the finishing touches on an 81/2' canoe shelf for my daughter and soninlaw for christmas. should be done tomorrow. merry christmas! tell the roxinator hi from brenda and i.