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To post pictures, scroll down to the area below this one you type into ("additional options") and find "manage attachments". Click on that, and you'll get a browse box which lets you upload pictures from wherever they are in your computer.

Sometimes pictures won't load if they are too big... or if they aren't a "recognized format" (like jpg). For instance, the Old Town build records are TIFF files, which won't upload to this place... so I right-click on the image and get "open with", which lets me select a picture-program called Irfanview (which I downloaded free)... the picture then opens as an Irfanview image and I click on "file" and then "save as", which lets me change it to a jpg file so I can upload to this place.

This may sound confusing but if I can do it, it's easy.


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Model XX Pics

Hello everyone!

Here are some pics of my 18 Foot Old Town model XX serial # 6840.

This canoe is 100% original minus new canvas, seat cane, and a bit of varnish on the capped gunwales. I have left everything else untouched.

The canoe is keel-less and has maple decks, seats and thwarts. The middle thwart is removable. The boat also has one original removable seat back for a midships passenger (duffer).

103 years old and still paddles like a dream!

Brad, Minnesota


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