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I am building a solo canoe and would like to put in a single seat that can be easily adjusted front and back, and possibly also from level to tilted forward. Any suggestions or photos of how others have solved this would be appreciated. Thanks, and Happy New Year! LEW
Saddle Seat from WCHA's own Tom Seavey (Azland Traditions) - he advertises in Wooden Canoe. Assuming an open gunwale canoe, it is very versatile (It is what I use in my 15' Peterborough...).

Seat ideas

About two years ago I test paddled a Swift Osprey. One of the things that I liked about this boat was the seat. It could slide to adjust trim. Also it was contoured (higher in the middle and lower in front/back) so that when you sit in the middle, it is more flat and if you moved the the front, as for kneeling, you were on a forward angle. With a seat like this, you wouldn't need to change the angle. One drawback is that I have heard that sometimes the seat slides when it should not, but this could be fixed by adding some small clamps. Here's a picture from their web site -

It's hard to see the contour on the slider in the tandem. It may be easier to see this on the stern seat of the whitewater boat.

This may give you some good ideas.