26 foot Chestnut

Brent Cummings

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I've acquired a 26' Chestnut canoe recently and hope to restore it. I have no experience with canoes but have built a couple of small wooden sailboats. So far I've stripped off the outwhales , floorboards, seats, keel and keelson, breasthook, outer stems on both ends. As well I had to cut a few rotten sections of the inwales and the top few inches off the stem. The canvas came off next as well as a few small planks. More planking may need to come off later. On a bright note the ribs look good. I've sanded them down and I think they just need revarnishing.
So I guess my first question is what would be the best book to get to help me with this rebuild? Plus any other recommendations you might have to help me get this job done over the winter. Thanks in advance.
Boy, what a project! Can we have a few pics? Do know what year she was built?
Good luck,
26 foot.

Did one of those.Same as a small one only surprisingly bigger,
Stablise the shape.Inwales are of primary importance here and thwarts and seats help stop it from spreading.
Read the books.Ask the questions.Don't give up.
Thanks guys. I've ordered a couple of books. Busy now varnishing a few pieces. I'm quite computer challenged so it may take a while to post some pics. I have no idea what year it is. How can I tell? Incidently, typically what are the outwales ,stem and keel made of. I assumed oak but now that I have it all off I'm not so sure.
For some reason I cannot access this site from my home computer so it may take a while for replies.