15943 16

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I was told is OT CR 1910. Tried to search the archives but struck out.

Width overall 35 1/8"
Depth from plank to top of rail 10 7/8" Been cut down?.
Decks about 11"
Length 16 on the nose.
ribs are 2 1/4 and not tapered.
planks are 3 3/4"
The previous restoration looks to be quite old.
Outwales attached every other rib from inside out, except at the decks.
Shoe keel staggered screws every rib. Plus filled holes for the original rib.
No other holes showing along the shear as it's been cut down.
The outwale is NOT rabbitted.
It looks like nice work. I am taking lots of photos.
99% sure on the number.
Thanks a ton.
Old Town sn request-please.

here's a photo. I assume that wide thwart is NOT original?


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Sorry about the delay in answering you, Dave!

15943 is indeed a 16 foot Charles River, of the CS persuasion! It has red Western cedar planking and spruce gunwales, with ash decks/seats/thwarts, a keel and outside stems. It was painted moss green and shipped to Walter Coleman and Sons of Fox Point, Providence, Rhode Island on May 5, 1911.

If I can't attach the scan (because I've changed from dial-up to DSL and am only treading water now... but a lot faster) I'll send it via email. I'll let you know.

I know you're a member, but those reading this who aren't members yet should know how much we need and appreciate memberships and donations, because it helps WCHA with projects such as scanning the thousands of Old Town records.