Must Not Be Old Towns?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
What we thought were our two 20 foot Old Towns, must not be Old Towns. Not A SN to be found. Need your help. If this is the wrong forum for this, please point me in the right direction. Without pictures, here is what they look like: 20’ long with 39” beam, 6” planks, 12 planks @ amidship, Goring is 2 planks to 1, 4 copper tacks per plank is normal, ribs are 3” by ¼” slightly tapered edges, ends @ sheer line are still 3”, Inwales are 1¼” by 1” 1 length with no splice, inwale is ‘capped’ with a 1” by 1/8” molding, outwale is 1¼ by ½” spliced, 5” top return on bow and stern stems, seats are maple with rawhide webbing, The front of the stern seat is only 24” from the tip of the stern deck. Not much room. Front of the bow seat is 61” from the tip of bow deck, all kinds of room, both decks are 7”, keel is 1 ¼” by 3/4” attached through the ribs by screws and finish washers every 2 ribs than skipping a rib, 1 5/8” between ribs, no half ribs. What are the possibilities? Thanks, Terry.