000000 00

Gil Cramer

The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.
This is a 74" half canoe with old paint, old varnish, black Old Town decal, both diamond head bolts and the old plugged countersunk machine screws. It has a transom that looks original. I haven't personally seen it, but the person who has it is a sporting collectible dealer and knows old stuff from new. The serial number is 000000 00. Is there any possibility that this was from the factory????? I told him that I couldn't believe that it was, but on the oddball chance that it might be, I said I would ask.
My guess is that a closer inspection of the serial number will show that it is not all zeros or that these numbers were stamped in after the canoe left the factory. The 00 length is very suspicious. I can not think of any reason why the factory would have done this. Please post a picture of the number if you can get one. Thanks,