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Roger Young

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Just a reminder to those in the general Chicago area that the National Antique Decoy Show (largest and most important in the world) takes place April 29/30 at the Pheasant Run Resort, in St. Charles, IL, about 45 minutes west of Chicago. (Located on Main St.)

Why is this of interest to canoe lovers? While the show and auction concentrate on decoys, it has broadened out over the years to include many other outdoor collectibles - fishing equipment, hunting gear, canoes, paddles, you name it. There will likely be some full-size as well as models. I hope, myself, to take about 36-40 pieces - salesman's sample and bark canoes, antique kayak models and more exotic pieces from Oceania and the Far East.

There are room-to-room exhibits and trading all week from Monday onwards, with most participants in place by Tues. or Wed. Many rooms are open all day and well into the evening; you simple wander up and down the hallways and enter wherever it looks interesting. A major auction takes place during the day Thurs. and Fri., with a 400-plus dealer 'table show' starting at 2:00 pm Friday (until 8:00 pm) and continuing all day Saturday (9:00-5:00) in the Mega Center, a giant arena-like complex.

An interesting outing not to be missed.
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