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just acquired a 16' White boy scout canoe...serial # is.... 16 52 xxxx
My question is ...does the 52 signify YEAR of build?
Blue Viking said:
does the 52 signify YEAR of build?

Yes, it is commonly believed that the second pair of digits in a White serial number indicate the year when it was built but I don't have an authoritative confirmation for that information.

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Thank you...I thought you may have answered this question in the past but felt I should ask it again to see if more information may have changed that theory.

Looked at the clinching nails that I am removing...there is almost as much metal in those old timers as there is in 2 of todays!....No wonder I couldnt get them to twist out easily.....LOL... this one is 57 years young and is made of red cedar like wood....either that or 57 years of hard use has aged it...