Wooden Canoe Journal scanning project

The scanning phase of this project is complete. Now Dan, Patty, and I need to pull all of these scans together in a way that can be easily accessed and distributed. Feel free to reply here if you have any questions. Thanks,

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I have placed a small sample of how the user interface for the Journal Archive CDs might look at http://www.wcha.org/wcj/Archive/ with the first 12 issues from the first three years and the six issues from last year. Take a look and understand that if your click on the cover of an issue then you may have a long download delay while a 10 MB file is transferred to your PC. This will run much faster from a local CD.

Small thumbnail images of the cover seemed more interesting than simply having a long list of issue numbers and dates.

Does anyone have a copy of the old issue index that listed the articles and authors. This might also be a good thing to update and put on the archive CDs. Please send me a copy if you have one.

I have not been able to find an easy way to link or otherwise use an Adobe index file (.PDX) from a web page. Does anyone have a simple solution to this problem or can you think of an easier alternative?


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I have an index. Do you still need it? If I remember correctly, it covers issues 1 to somewhere maybe in the 80s.

I had two long flights to Texas today and have come up with a slightly different interface at http://www.wcha.org/wcj/Archive/ for your review and comment. The actual .PDF files have been removed to save space and this page will load much more quickly from the CD. Please reply here with your thoughts. Thanks,

Scan Project


This is a home run! Your efforts and sleepless nights have paid off. This will become a valuable resource for the current membership and new members as well.

Thanks again...

Ric Altfather
I am getting ready to start burning some CDs and have put together the following readme.txt file by stealing lots of Dan Miller's text from the catalog CDs. It is crude but should give some general ideas about how these two CDs will be put together. The section about how to use the Adobe catalog index files is particularly rough so I would welcome help from anyone who can create a better explanation of how to use these features. Rough copies of the opening splash screen and case cover concepts are also attached below for review and comment. Please reply here if you have any other questions or suggestions. Thanks,



The Wooden Canoe Journals on CD-ROM

All reproduced by permission of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

Copyright 2006, all rights reserved.


Windows with Autostart Enabled:
Insert the cd-rom, which will launch the default browser and start the
catalog viewing program.

Windows with Autostart Disabled, Macintosh, and other systems:
Start the browser-based viewer by double-clicking on the file "index.htm"
found in the root directory of the CD-ROM.
by starting the web browser and entering "E:/index.htm" in the location
window. E: should be replaced by the drive designation of the cd drive.

Alternatively, the individual Portable Document Format (.PDF) files on the
CD-ROM can be viewed using any viewer or editor capable of reading
these files directly. The Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe at no
cost. If it is not already installed on your system, you may obtain your free
copy by going to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html
or clicking on the link in the index.htm file.



For best results, maximize the browser window so that it occupies the entire

Navigation to each Journal is done by clicking on the cover or title of the
issue that you want to see.



The Adobe .pdx files can be a bit confusing at first but very powerful.
These enable you to search for a single word or phrase in each CD with
CD-1.pdx or CD-2.pdx and in all issues if you use WCJ.pdx. The best way
to use the WCJ.pdx file is to copy all of the files from both CDs to a single
folder on your hard disk if you have enough free space. You can open these
.pdx files by double clicking on one from your Windows Explorer (after an
Adobe reader has been installed). The cleaner but more involved option is
to open the Adobe Reader, Select Edit | Search | Use Advanced Search
Options, then expand the Look In box and choose the Select Index option.
This opens a Index selection window that has an Add button that will let you
add the .pdx indexes that you wish to use for searching and selection from the Search PDF option.


DIRECTORY STRUCTURE (assumes E: is CD-Drive designation):

E:\ (root: contains main index file for web browser-based viewing, and files
neccessary for autostarting the cd within Windows.)

E:\CD-1\CD-1.pdx and E:\CD-1\ folder (all Adobe catalog index information
for the first CD)

E:\CD-1\CD-2.pdx and E:\CD-2\ folder (all Adobe catalog index information
for the second CD)

E:\index.htm (an HTML or web browser based based interface to the
individual .PDF files on each of the two CDs)

E:\master-index.htm (an HTML or web browser based based interface to the
individual .PDF files on both CDs)

E:\Issue001.pdf to E:\Issue134.pdf (individual Portable Document Format
files for each issue)

E:\Issue001.jpg to E:\Issue134.jpg (individual thumbnail image files for each
issue's cover in .JPG format)

E:\WCJ\WCJ.pdx and E:\WCJ\ folder (all Adobe catalog index information
for both CDs)



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We now have approval to start selling the Wooden Canoe Journal Archive CDs for $100 per set. These will be available first at the Maine Canoe Symposium this weekend, next at the WCHA's Assembly in July, and later from the WCHA's Store. Let me know if you have any questions or want more details. Thanks,

I know it is late in the game....

Is it possible to put one of the PDF's back on the website so we can review the format before we purchase the CD's? Maybe one of the links work and I just couldn't find it.


Keith Parker
Sure, the links to issues 29 and 135 are live now for your review and comment. Let me know if you need anything else to help make a decision. Thanks,

Thank You.

I was sure you had at least one or two of them out there.


CD cover and insert

A first draft of the CD cover and insert is attached below. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments. Thanks,



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Issue number 27 pages 14 to 16?

If anyone has a good copy of pages 14 to 16 from Issue number 27 then I would really appreciate it if you could send me scans of these pages since there is some water damage and a hole in the copy that was scanned for the archive project. Thanks,