New Wooden Canoe Journal Editor

Greg Nolan

We are pleased to announce that Dan Miller has been named as the new editor of Wooden Canoe, the journal of the WCHA, beginning with the August, 2014 issue. Dan will bring to the journal his deep knowledge of canoes and canoe history, his proven dedication to the WCHA and its members, his familiarity with magazine production, and his demonstrated willingness to work, not just hard, but with creativity and openness to new ideas and new approaches.

The search committee recommended Dan to the WCHA Board of Directors after a search that resulted in 11 applicants, several with impressive qualifications. The position was widely noticed, in Wooden Canoe, our website, and on a number of websites where openings for professional positions are posted. The committee selected for full interviews the four applicants who seemed best suited to be editor of our journal. When the process was over, we recommended to the Board the candidate we felt best fit the needs of the organization. The Board unanimously approved of our recommendation that Dan be hired as Wooden Canoe’s next editor.

The search committee would like to offer special thanks to Patty MacLeish, our retiring editor. While not a formal member of the committee, she devoted much time to assisting us with a task that was not easy, in substantial part because so many of the applicants were so well qualified.

Greg Nolan, Search Committee Chair
Thank you very much Patty.
Congratulations Dan. Looking forward to working with you.
Excellent choice. That is great news for the future of the magazine.
Congratulations Dan......