Wooden Canoe delivery - Summer 2020

Michael Grace

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Many people reported getting their Summer 2020 issue of Wooden Canoe in a timely manner, and at least two have posted here about it. We were pleased that our printer followed through on their promise to provide a "track and trace" service through the US Postal Service in order to watch delivery progress in the US following the debacle we experienced with delivery of the Spring issue. Fortunately everything seems to have gone well with the Summer issue. However, if anyone has has not yet received their copy of the journal, please contact me, our Editor Chris Eden, or our Executive Director Annie Burke.

I'll reiterate that the delay we experienced (me included) with the Spring issue had nothing to do with production or printing of the journal. It was an issue with the USPS, caused and/or exacerbated by factors completely beyond our control.

Happy canoeing,