Wood Filler


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I have some minor issues with bottom portion at the tip of the deck on my 16' OTCA. I don't think the damage warrents replacement, so I would like to fill the broken space. Any suggestions on a quality wood filler? Also, how do you remove the old bedding from the keel.
I'm not completely sure where you are fixing the tip of the deck, but I like to mix saw dust in a two part epoxy and fill it with that. Put tape around the space and the tape should keep the epoxy in place.

Removing bedding compound can be difficult. You can sometimes soften it up with stripper and then I scape it out with something that might have a bit of a convex shape to match the concave bottom of the keel.

Or try a router bit when all else fails.

Good luck,

Heat Gun

I use a heat gun and a putty knife to clean up the keels. Works great.
Good point Fitz,

Now that you mention it I can remember using a heat gun to remove beading compound and it worked very well.

It's amazing how much of the little tips and tricks you can forget.

I mentioned the stripper because I just stripped some gunnels and a keel and the beading compound came off fairly easy after using the stripper, but now I recall using the heat gun to remove beading compound from some outside stems that were very old and the compound was very stubborn.

I guess we should make a list of problems or procedures and their best fixes and keep it posted on the workshop wall.


Some careful work with a plumbers torch pulled the bedding up with ease. I have decided to replace the broken section of the deck with a glued in small piece of ash.