wood.canvas boat identification question

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New to this site and will join later tonite. I have a 16' laker style canvas over wood square stern...The most identifiable feature that I can see as I disassemble all that needs to be..I find that the ribs are not one piece but are joined at the base on a 45 degree angle and held in place by an inner keel. this strong back type is where the keel attaches after vanvassing is complete. No marks or IDs anywhere....white cedar with oak as second wood.Typical wood canoe construction but square stern is boat style rather than a true laker...Any hints on who made it?...Thanks
PS: Is the typical re-canvasing procedure the same as for a canoe or is there an alternate method I havent found out about yet.
Split ribs butted on a keelson is not an unusual technique for larger square end canoes. Pictures would sure help with identifying your canoe.

Canvassing is about the same as for a double ended canoe, except that you need extra canvas (about 6 feet or so) to run past the transom in order to get the canvas to lay properly as you stretch it. Fastening at the transom depends on the canoe. Some, like Old Town, simply cut the canvas a little proud of the transom, tuck it back under, bed it well and tack it to the edge of the transom. Others, like Thompson and Chestnut, wrap the canvas onto the face of the transom and tack it there, where it is subsequently covered with additional pieces of applied trim.