winter storage


What is the the best way to store my W/C canoe for the winter? I've heard a heater garage is not optimal for wooden boats.

Is upside down on sawhorses the best? Or would it be best upright sitting in carpeted cradles?

I store upside down on sawhorses,or inverted in the loft.
Generally it keeps dirt and chipmunks from moving in.
If outside it definitly saves bailing or shoveling snow out.
If inside it keeps your son from storing carburators on the seats.
Other than a tendency to dry the boat out with consequential shrinkage?
When you get it down in the Spring then check your interior finish,and fastenings. This is a good time to ensure that nails are well set and that there is little or no exposed unprotected wood.Early rot tends to show up at this point which is good as it is easier to reseal or repair.
I would think that assuming that the boat is not too exposed to uneven heating or too close to a heat source and that heat is not at an intolerable level, no problem
The prevaling wisdom is don't if at all possible, as the dry warm air also drys the canoe.

With that said, I'm sure there are canoes someplace storied in heated garages, and I know of some in heated houses also, and that could be just as dry.

Thinking out loud, may be you could place a pan of water under the canoe to increase the local humidity??

I also know of a canoe that was stored outside under the eve, but not completely under, and it had a small sailboat on it also. In the spring, the water dripped off the roof, soaking the canoe, and with the sailboat on it, it's now very "hogged".

In a heated garage is better then under a eve. :)

heated garage

Great, I do have an indoor area where I am storing the canoe for the winter that is not heated. So it will be protected from the direct elements at least.

My only concern is that being here in New Brunswick, the temperature will be well below 0 for a majority of the winter. I suppose I should also ask if extreme cold is alright as long as the canoe is dry?

Heated space

I was working on a canoe in my basement one winter. The space is not heated, but the furnace warms the space. The canvas on the canoe slackened slightly, but when I returned it to normal outside humidity it was fine.