winter storage


I have a questions regarding winter storage for my w/c canoe. I will be storing it in a non heated garage all winter, but my questions is what position is optimal for the structural integrity of the canoe itself?

Upside down on level sawhorses?


Rightside up in carpeted cradles? (pic attached)

It's been upside down on sawhorses all summer and seems to have weathered fine, but she'll make the move inside this week and I was given a set of these cradles and I was wondering if there are benifits to them for long term storage?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Depends upon room, how clean the garage is etc.
I hang canoes right side up when I have room. If I have them on racks or horses I generally have them bottom side up taking care to place the horses so that they are towards the middle as much as practical. It's important not to hog one out by resting it on horses too far towards stem and stern if they are sitting for a long while.
If you don't mind doing a bit more cleaning in the spring you can store it just like you show it in your picture.
Nice canoe...
storing upright

Great, thanks for the input. Since I am going to store it upright in the cradles, I thought I would wrap the canoe or at least cover the canoe with a tarp. Just to keep from any unknown leaks in the garage.

Would covering the canoe with a tarp harm the wood? I'm just thinking about humidity issues. thanks