Winter Paddling Gloves.

Scot T

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I went for a paddle on the local waterway today. With winter coming on it was pretty chilly and a new pair of paddling gloves quickly came to mind. Just wondering if anyone has a favorite brand that will keep the old paws warm and relative dry?
My winter paddling gloves are basically the same -- NRS brand, 5mm neoprene, which, as Rob says, offer a great grip surface, and feel thick and spongy. But they are warm, and even if you do get water inside, they drain quickly, and still stay warm. Definitely get the ones with the pre-curved fingers, for gripping the paddle.
Hi Scott

I've also used the MEC gloves mentioned in the earlier thread and have found them to be excellent for those cold west coast paddles.
BTW...I may be in Victoria during the Remembrance day week and would love to maybe meet for coffee if possible. I'll PM you if it happens.

Thanks guys. I'll give both those a look.

Certainly Dan. I have a great little organic coffee shop nearby. I'm always game to get out of the shop and make sure they keep brewing the good stuff.
I would also encourage you to consider pogies. These are the hand covers that attach to the paddle so that your feel of the paddle shaft doesn't change but your hands are not exposed. I tried using gloves and found that it more difficult to control the paddle. The ones that I use are not available any more but there appear to be several other options available.

Fishing gloves work quite well and are readily available at most sporting goods.
Many of them offer fold back fingers....a convenience if you need to take a picture, send a text message, look at a map etc.
My glove wearing, cold weather range is from 45 degrees in wind and rain, to 32. I often use those rubberized work gloves that come about a third of the way up the forearm (bright orange usually, and available in any hardware store) My hands are not large. I use a size XL without an added liner in the warmer range, and size XXL with thin polypro liners when it is colder. They grip pretty well and give me a reasonably good feel. Fishing gloves are cozy, but I don't much like the wide and spongy grip. I'm too cheap to have tried NRS gloves. The pogies I know of are better than gloves for a kayak paddle, but I wonder how Benson switches with one mounted to a single bladed shaft.