Where did Chestnut Co. measure there width?

left coast eh!

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Hello Everyone
Working on a Bob's and I got to thinking. Where did Chestnut Company measure there canoes width from. Outside planking to outside planking at center? I want to replace thwarts and have the right distance.
Thanks Tod
From the 1920 catalog: "In the past we have measured our canoes for catalogue purposes as follows: - for width from inside to inside of ribs and for depth from top of rib to top of gunwales. We are now changing that method to agree with that in use elsewhere and in the future measurements will be for width, from outside to outside of canvas at widest point, and for depth from top of gunwales to outside of canvas."

That said, note that some models were changed over the years, and that there are sometimes discrepancies between what is published in a catalog and reality. Sometimes it is best to use your canoe as a guide.