Is this a Chestnut Kruger? Help Please


Curious about Wooden Canoes
The newest member of my fleet is a Chestnut, but I don't know what model it is. I guess it is a Kruger, but not so sure, based on the following dimension.
Length - 16 feet;
Width (between outside edges of outwales at center thwart) - 33.5";
Depth (from top of plank to top of center thwart) - 13", or 14" to top of the gunwales.
Narrow decks - 4" wide x 11" long.
Two thwarts.
2 3/8 " wide ribs, 2 " apart
There is no keel.

What is it? Thanks.



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Sure sounds like a Kruger to me. Too deep to be anything but a prospector or cruiser and too narrow to be a prospector.
Looks pretty much identical to mine. Might be an inch wider and taller, but within usual measurement differences. Has that gradual cruiser sheer line and rounded stem. Very nice.