What's under the varnish

Michael Leone

You call that a sail?
Did OldTown use stain on exsposed wood before varnishing?
In the process of striping my 39 Otca I have noticed what looks like
a redish stain under the varnish on the external stems which are made of oak.
The canoe is an AA grade with mahogany rails,decks,thwarts and seat frames.
Was the factory trying to make the oak stems match the mahogany?
I believe that Old Town did occasionally use a red stain on some of their AA grade canoes to help blend different shades of mahogany. It is not unlikely that they might have done the same to your oak outside stems, especially since the light oak could be quite a stark contrast to your dark mahogany rub rails. Some of the more experienced restorers may be able to offer a more informed response.