What I've been up to lately.

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
Here, for your perusal is what I have been up to since last fall. It's nearly done. I just could not say 'no' when he brought it to me. A good lesson for us all is to make sure the canoe is tied down before taking off in the truck. Another lesson is that peterboroughs need about 35 mph to really get airborne. Then they really only fly for short distances. I'm told landings are spectacular.


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Hey Dave, the canoe looks great!!! What an undertaking. Have you made plans to paddle with the MI Chapter on our Muskegon River trip at The Old Log Resort June 3-5?? It's 3 weeks away!!!

Hope you can make it,
I won't be in Muskegon. But I got to hit something this year. I'm heading north with Ferdy and Dave. Oddly there is no rowing seat or oarlocks.
Hi Dave,
Seeing it completed must have been very gratifying. That project should make the Indian Girl seem like a walk in the park. Is it next? Fred
I can't do the IG just yet. I have a CR to do for a guy. And it was 'glassed =-[
This one's not quite done. I've only got one coat paint on and the stem band isn't back on it yet either. but I'm gettin' there.
Once I do the CR i have to repaint a 13' OT. And I have to put a keel on a Dean. And I have to paint green the Shell Lake. And I have to spruce up the 18'er before Quetico. My stuff always gets pushed back.