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As Larry mentioned, we just returned from a few days on the West Branch of the Penobscot in Maine. We ran the section from Lobster Lake to the northern end of Chesuncook Lake (Umbazookus Dam). The total distance is about 30 miles. The West Branch was running high and we could travel at nearly 4 miles per hour just lilydipping the paddles.

I had my 6 year old son along, and a long time buddy had his two boys too - both under 10 years. We chose this section for their first canoe trip, because it is largely flatwater and no portaging was involved. There was a mile or so of quickwater - Class I to give the kids a thrill. The campsites are also frequent which gave us plenty of options with daily mileage. We still frequently heard, "Are we there yet?!!!".

We saw no one for most of 3 days. Fishermen were out at Chesuncook, but only a brief sighting of other trippers near Gero Island. I was surprised, because Lobster Lake and the West Branch are very popular destinations.

I christened the Prospector Project in Lobster Stream. I had a great time paddling the heavily loaded canoe. It performed well. My only gripe is the slat seats got to be painful late in the trip. I think I prefer cane.

Well, here are a few photos, and I have an on-line photo album here if you care to see this historic part of the Maine Woods.

Album is here:



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Nice pictures Fitz.
I see the fishing poles where out, any luck?
Take along a piece of closed cell foam or a newspaper wrapped in a plastic bag (taped shut and square to fit )for the seats.Both can also be used at camp for sitting and the newspaper used for fire starting.
Fitzy, Nice pics and report, great to see a dad out there with the kids enjoying a Chestnut. Thanks for sharing, Robin