Fitz on the West Branch

Larry Meyer

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Well its a lovely evening in New England and Fitz, a Board regular, is on the West Branch of the Pensobsot, Lobster lake, if I remember right, tonight, breaking in the new red prospector. His son and a friend and his sons are with him. May the black flies sleep still.


Son Brendan and I are back after a great few days. I'll post some details when I get a chance.

The Prospector project was a joy to paddle and we are not known for going without gear! I may have finally convinced my buddy to perhaps upgrade his Royalex OT camper.

For anyone that may not know the location, we paddled a section of the historic West Branch of the Penobscot River in Maine. Including a night on Lobster Lake. This is normally a very popular route, but we didn't see a soul for three days.

Katahdin still has some snow, but the unseasonably warm temperatures brought out the Maine State Bird (the black fly) enmasse the last day. :eek:
That certainly is a beautiful area to canoe. How far did you travel on the West Branch? Did you go out to Chesuncook?