WCHA-UK on the Thames

Nick Dennis

On Sunday we had a wonderful day out paddling the Thames and some backwaters. We had seven canoes of all types and ages, cedar rib, cedar strip, wood/canvas. Peterborough, Rushton, CCC, Old Town; a real mixture.
A pleasant day, a visit to a riverside pub and then team and cake at the end of the trip in a fabulous boathouse location in a cut off the main river. A perfect day out. Wonderful location, wonderful people and wonderful canoes

We may not be able to do large wilderness stuff in England but we can certainly do scenic, refined paddling.
Keep well, keep safe and keep paddling!






Dave Millward in relaxed style negotiating a low tree. Old Town OTCA

Down the River Lodden

Cheers; pub paddling but at a price +£5 a pint

Dave Millward on the Hennerton Backwater
Your photo of the pints at the riverside pub illustrates an interesting detail. Here in the US, some states require a significantly sized registration number permanently attached to a hull. For those of us with classic wood canoes, it's distressing to have to paint a number, or worse, affix a sticker to a canoe we have worked so hard to restore and maintain.

The canoe with the 'wooden canoe' logo suggests a wonderful way to create a removable registration location for canoes with open ribs. The three battens which extend into the open rib spacing can be semi-permanently attached with small brass screws through the inwale. So called 'permanent' installation is required in some states where the water authorities insist on it, but these could then easily be removed in places like wilderness paddling where the numbers aren't required.

Well done, and thanks for posting your photos of this gathering!

There is at least one stretch of river here which do need specific sized licence numbers displayed. When I last paddled there I decided that if I was questioned I could show my licence card and plead ignorance to the need to display the number on the boat.
For most paddling in England you need a licence but are rarely asked. Two weeks ago I was asked by a ranger in a motor boat 'Have you got a license?' Yes I replied. He said 'Correct answer' and carried on his way.

I was the only craft out on Barton Broad the other weekend. I spotted the Rangers boat enter from the river half a mile away. He made a beeline to me, I asked if he wanted to see my licence, “ No I believe you. I just wanted a closeup look at the canoe”
I was in this; I didn’t think I was that obvious