WCHA Photo Request- Paddling with Pets

Roger Kugler

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
Hi All,
I'm looking for a few more photos of you paddling with your pouch, kitty, hamster (weird!) or gila monster (cool!). Include a short narrative so others can enjoy. Thanks in advance.

not the best shot,but 3 dogs 2 guys 3 days on class 3 river

Here is a picture of Bruiser (rat terrier) at the bow of a war canoe on Jag Lake, WI. with fellow WCHA Great Rivers Chapter members.

Bruiser had already placed his paddle in the canoe so he saluted with his right ear.

He is a great swimmer so he did not need a PFD.

It's a dog's life,



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Paddlin' With Charlie

This is an amazing picture of Charlie, because it was the first time he wasn't hunkered down under my legs, trying to become part of me, while we paddled. He's an older "rescue" who trembles at the drop of a feather, but he's begun seeing beyond himself and last fall actually enjoyed the canoe ride.

And here's a video of both Bert and Charlie in the canoe at the 2008 Assembly paddle-by in Peterborough.



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Guard Dog

I haven't tried to take my cats on a trip for some obvious reasons, but Abbie the Labradoodle owns my tripping bud and she saves us from all the Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Red Squirrels on our trips to the woods. Photo credit for the close up shots is Adam Dumas.


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The attached image was taken by Ted Michel at the Peterborough Assembly. I didn't realize how rare it would be for us to have our dogs in the paddle-by until I tried to find dog-friendly accommodations near subsequent Assembly sites... either too expensive or non-existent. So, this may be the only paddle-by where Charlie (bow) and Bert (stern) show their furry faces.

For anyone new to my personal obsessions, the dogs are named for the Morris brothers, who built canoes in Veazie, Maine.



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Skippy likes to ride in the canoe.

Two shots of Skippy.


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