wax on wax off

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
James Bondo, licensed to fill. Working towards that spring paddle.:D


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not a chance, -19c last nite and they're calling for another foot over this coming weekend. Hey at least there's no bugs. Hows the weaving coming?
Funny, when I'm in MI people as me if I'm a yooper - cant be all that strange unless you're one of those uppity below the bridge types;):p
Get that Arnold started will ya...and lets see a picture, it cant be any rougher than what I bought so dont be shy!
Trolls and---

And in addition to the endearing term "troll" we are also sometimes affectionatley and not affectionately referred to as Fudgies.
Yes, but--

but on occasion we are allowed above the bridge and enjoy a picnic at the top of the hill.


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Golly whiz, lookee that picture... is it spring in Michigan already? Must be coming soon to Illinois.....

Hii Paul

Nope. that photo was taken last July atop Gogebic Hill in the far western U.P. The snow there hangs on til May.