Wall hanging a canoe


LOVES Wooden Canoes
My canoes generally live in the garage on racking but as some of you may have seen I have become the latest and only 2nd custodian of this beautiful English built canoe by Turks of Kingston Upon Thames. It is surprisingly light for a 16' 6" canoe being built of Spanish Cedar on rock elm ribs. Built 1890-1900.


It is far too nice to leave in the garage when not being paddled and I have a long wall in my rear garden room where I can hang it and look at its beauty.

Question: Has anyone got a design for wall mounted hanging brackets which will support the canoe so that I can display the canoe horizontally along the wall but at a slight angle of tilt so that the load is spread on the bracket supports through the hull and not just on the bottom out wale?

I have yet to run this idea past Angelika so lets say "just asking for a friend" !

Thanks in anticipation.


Rod Tait (Orca Boats)

I used to have one hanging on the wall with hull against wall on "J" style cradles that I built. For safety, there was a thin wire over the canoe but it was small and not noticeable.

Todd Bradshaw

We used to have several of the Old Town racks in our store and they worked quite well. I'm thinking of trying a wall-mounted single canoe cradle which is sort of based on one side of the X and sling cradles that I use for washing boats (which themselves might be a decent alternative to hanging a single canoe). They look like these photos. The wall mount versions would each have one upright hinged to the wall down by the floor and leaning outward. If you added the crosswise "foot" to the upright it wouldn't even need to be attached to the wall at the bottom. It would naturally just push up against the wall. The web straps would lead from the top of the upright, under the canoe and be anchored to the wall, forming the sling where the boat would sit. If desired, you could even add some sort of buckle to make the sling depth adjustable. We're currently not up at the cabin where the boats are, so at this point it is just an idea, but if it would work it would do the job with a minimum of construction. Normally you can tilt the boat somewhat off of plumb if desired and they will just sit that way.


Mud Bug

Hand made things are better
Your canoe is beautiful, Blott. But I can't help wonder if keeping it in a heated place would dry it out too much. Will its seams open up? I don't even like keeping my longrifle in the heated part of the house, and it isn't intended to float. Just wonderin here. (Of course, maybe the hall to your garden room isn't heated; I don't know.)