Wall Hanger

Pete Mathews

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
A friend found this "wall hanger" in Michigan and is considering buying it. I haven't a clue as to what it is. Does anyone else?


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Thanks Dan; If I may ask, what leads you to Racine. Not doubting your judgement at all, just curious so perhaps I'll know myself if I ever come across one again.

Hi Pete,

It's partly the "gestalt" - look at enough of these things and you get a feeling. But also, the decks, seats, thwarts and stem profile are consistent with an RBMCo canoe. The seats resting on risers were only done by a handful (notably Rushton, but Rushtons will have trapezoidal stern seats and the rail caps, if original, are wrong for Rushton). You may find a short heart-shaped deck tucked up under that long deck, another characteristic. The planking pattern, not evident in the photos, would be another clue. You can read more about identifying the Racine canoes in Wooden Canoe issue 116.