Old Town diamond-head seat hanger bolts


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What year did Old Town start to use their distinctive brass seat-hanger bolts with the diamond head on some models?

Might a 1925 Charles River CS have have had the diamond-head bolts installed from the factory? If so, would that be noted in the build record?


The most frequently cited start date for diamond headed bolts at Old Town is after 1920 although I don't know of any more detailed research on this subject. There has never been a comment about diamond headed bolts on a build record that I can recall. It would be highly likely that a CS grade canoe from 1925 would have them and that there would be no mention of the bolts on the build record. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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Old Town Build Record

Thanks Benson,
I figured you would be the Old Town historian to chime in on this question.

You do, in fact, have access to the build record for the 1925 Charles River CS canoe in question. It's owned by Jim Haskell from North Bay Canoes. In reply to a question he posted on a WCHA forum recently, you attached a scanned version of the Old Town build record for him. I can't find the posting now, but assume from what you say that it wouldn't have mentioned the diamond-head bolts even if it had them.

1925 Charles River canoe

Thanks for the link to the Build Record.

Jim Haskell should be contacting you soon to find which views you need and which pictures he should send you detailing this boat.