Voting for Board Members

Michael Grace

Lifetime Member
Given the fact that the last issue of Wooden Canoe was seriously delayed for many members, should there be an extension to the deadline for voting for Board Members?
I agree.
I am one of the lucky ones who got it in time, and had all of 4 days to get my response in the mail.

Plus, being that we are a "friendly, casual group", with a communication that doesn't happen to all members except every 2 months, why a deadline in the first place.

(who actually did get to vote this time)
I'm very sorry to hear that anyone didn't get their ballot in time to vote or that their selection period was rushed.

As Patty, Annie, and I monitored and worked through the Journal delay issues last month we did consider extending the ballot deadline.

The information we had at that time indicated all the Journals had arrived by the 19th. Though not ideal, we agreed 10 days still provided enough time for the members affected to complete their voting on the original schedule.

We've stayed in touch with Al Bratton and David Winer to work it out with anyone that needed an extension, but there were no inquiries or requests.

David tells me that the ballot quantity and arrival rate are consistent with previous elections. David always provides a grace period beyond the published deadline, so any ballots still in route will be counted, consistent with his previous election practice.