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Is there a directory of WCHA members??? This would not be for solicitation purposes, just interested to find out how many members are in my area (Atlanta). Also, I think the listing of new members by state in the Journal is a great idea.
I am not in favor of WCHA providing a member list with names and contact info to anyone for the asking. With proper safeguards, providing lists to members interested in something like starting a new chapter would be OK. I get enough spam and junk mail and don't need another opportunity to get more. While you personally may not want to use a member list for anything but legitimate purposes, others may not be so scrupulous. I'm less uncomfortable with the lists of new members published in Wooden Canoe (although not totally OK with it). While that list could be abused by some, it has limited circulation and I've not heard of abuses.
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There is no publically available membership directory, however if you are interested in members in your area - for the purposes of forming a local chapter - you can contact Al Bratton, the Chapter Coordinator, and he'll be happy to provide this for you.