Volunteers Needed for the Assembly Regatta

Al Sienkiewicz

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Planning for the Assembly sailing regatta is continuing with the needed equipment being borrowed/procured. Myself and Bill Hall are organizing this event and are in need of several volunteers willing to operate and staff the motorboats out on the water.

We are working on getting the college's pontoon boat for the start/finish line and to use as a platform to take pictures. In addition, we hope to have 2 other outboards to guide the fleet down the lake and to be available should a problem occur. I'd like to have at least 2 people on each boat, at least one who is comfortable operating it.

If you don't plan on racing, are available early Saturday afternoon and would like to help please contact me by email or phone (585-784-5104). You won't get a better view of the racing than being out on the water.