"Help Wanted” Volunteers for the Assembly Planning Committee

Rob Stevens

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
"Help Wanted” Volunteers for the Assembly Planning Committee

Over the past few years, the Assembly Planning Committee has lost a few members due to the vagaries of aging and health. We’re looking for folks to contribute new ideas and energy to help keep the WCHA Annual Assembly interesting and vibrant.

Available opportunities include;

1. Assembly Coordinator and/or Apprentice/Trainee/Intern
2. Assembly Planning Committee members;

*Construction Coordinator; recruit an on-site builder to demonstrate canoe repair and restoration, and other presenters for workshops or presentations on related topics such as tools & techniques.
*Camping Crafts & Fun; propose topics and resource people camping and crafts that will be of interest to members.
*Canoeing Instruction/Skills & Safety; recruit instructors and presenters for on-land and water-based sessions including paddling, sailing, safety, etc.
*Local Interests/Attractions & Excursions; identify and plan for activities near the Assembly site
*Assembly Promotion & Media Relations; promote Assembly via “Save the Date” and “Media Release” through print, broadcast and social media.

Other ideas for alternate formats welcome too!

If you are coming to Assembly, please join us for related discussion at the;
Assembly Feedback & Planning (Sat 10-11) [Pine Room]