Two Old Town Canoes

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Old Town 161732 is a 15 foot CS grade fifty-pounder, built between February and June of 1954. It was painted dark green and sent to Camp Wenonah for Girls in Steep Falls, Maine on June 16, 1954. Were some of the pictures used on the cover of the later Old Town catalogs shot there-- it always seems like they're carrying a canoe up "a steep falls".

Old Town 183677 is an 18 foot guide model, built between August of 1969 and November of 1970... fitted with a keel and painted yellow, then shipped to Taylor's Marina in Raymond, Maine on August 3, 1971.

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Thanks for the build records Kathy,

Steep Falls is a couple of hills and valleys away on the Saco (pronounced socko) River. It's part of the Town of Standish which is on the south end of Sebago Lake. The girls camp was probably on the lake. The Saco is a nice canoeing river in the spring and during foiliage season. In the summer it is a destination for many cooler carriers from the south (mostly Massachusetts). You'll note that here on this site that most of those who canoe in Maine do so a lot farther north. I don't know where the steep falls pictures were taken for the Old Town catalogs but Benson probably does.