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The canoe you inquire about is an 18' Guide in "CS" grade and was shipped on June 17, 1947 to East Sabago, Maine. It was ordered with a keel and the original color was GS Green.

Build record attached.




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The planking on this build record is 'mc'. Is that Maine cedar - northern white?
This is the first time we've seen 'mc'. What would be the explanation?
I have checked everything that I have from archived build information and your guess of Maine Cedar would be my guess also. Maybe Benson can shed some light on this.

I agree that the "MC" probably stands for northern white Maine cedar in this case. This notation appears on several other build records during this period so it is probably not just a clerical error. The war would have disrupted their wood supply from the west coast so they were probably making do with what was available. What does the plankiing on the canoe look like, red, white, or something entirely different?

Ah... The canoe came and went. It was glassed with replaced decks, rails, thwarts and seats. It had been cut down 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch and the interior was nearly black with varnish. A young man in town is going to rehab it for his own use so we may see it back again for canvassing. If so I'll try to see if the planking is red or white.