twisted stems on form


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I recently acquired a form. I noticed that the stems are a bit twisted. I haven't yet built a wood canvas canoe but I think the form is well-made and I'm not sure if maybe sitting outside under a carport caused this condition.

How concerned should I be about this? Am I correct thinking I can adjust the plumbness of the stems once the hull is off the form?

I posted and attached photos of this form in the research and ID section.

twisted stems

I’m far from expert having only built one canoe but from what I’ve seen, as long as the stem runs down the centre of the bottom of the hull, the upturned portion can be tilted left or right to bring it into line when the planking is attached. I have a Bastien Huron which has non-vertical stems so I wanted to make sure my first boat was straight. To do this, I used a laser to align the stems with the main seam between the garboard planks. Then I adjusted the stems accordingly and tacked them in place while I nailed the planking up the stem. Hope this helps.