tumble home

Michael Leone

You call that a sail?
What is tumble home, I have read this several times in reference to canoes.
I thought that's what happens when you'v had to many martinis at the
Windlass and try to paddle home!
Tumblehome is basicly the curve of the hull when the widest part of the hull is below the top of the rail and the hull curves back into the rail.
When the hull shape is getting wider like the bow on and aircraft carrier the shape is called "flare".
When the hull shape is getting wider but its full like barrel cut in half and the sides pushed out, then its called "Flam".
Tumblehome allows you to ship more water. The inward curve lets the white water come up each side w/ enough spray to dampen the bow paddler's shorts on the sides.

Really big water will form two streams up each side of the bowseat that arcs over to land squarely on anyone sitting in the middle of the canoe...My high school buddies girl didn't speak to me for most of the summer after we neglected to tell her whe was going to get wet...;)