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Please research the build record for canoe #102776. Katheryn looked this up for me on 8/2 as OT #102775 which is not the canoe. I now have the canoe in my shop and the number is very clearly 102776-16. It is 16', has the 20" decks like an Otca, diamond head bolts for the seats. Unlike another Otca I have in the shop this one is narower, has a bottom more rounded than flat , and there is definate tumble home to the sides. There is a faint, very faint, oval shadow on the deck where a decal may have been. Any thoughts folks?
Old Town #102776 was a 16-foot CS (Common Sense) grade OTCA built in 1929 and shipped in 1930 to Concord, Mass. It had open spruce gunwales, birch decks, and a keel. It was painted dark green.

Might you be able to post a picture of the canoe?

The scan of this record is attached below-- click on it to get a larger image. This scan and several hundred thousand others were created with substantial grants from the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA) and others. A description of the project to preserve these records is available at http://www.wcha.org/ot_records/ if you want more details. I hope that you and anyone else reading this will join or renew membership in the WCHA so that services like this can continue. See http://www.wcha.org/wcha/ to learn more about the WCHA and http://www.wcha.org/join.php to renew.

If you are selling your canoe and plan to use this build record information as part of an ad, please consider giving the WCHA credit for this information on eBay or craigslist or wherever your canoe is listed.

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