True story

Larry Meyer

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
A ways back a guy I do some work for, Bob, (he’s maybe in his 60s, very good guy) got a phone call from his 82 year old brother—who is diabetic, slow afoot, short and fat—to come bail him out of jail. The story? He had been arrested by a National Park Service Ranger while he was taking a walk on the Park Service section of a trail in suburban Arlington, Mass. He was handcuffed, fingerprinted, charged, and Bob had to go get him out of the slammer.

Like many men of that age, his bladder is not what it was, and he was observed headed toward a wooded portion of the trail, and it seems arrested on suspicion of wanting to take a leak. He was arrested before he got to pee.

Can you believe this?

For old guys like me who like to go outdoors (I mean canoeing and hiking and stuff, not go outdoors) this is a serious threat to our civil liberties. I proposed to all the outdoorsmen on my email list that the only suitable action to stop this sort of thing would be a mass demonstration: getting like 500 old guys coming together and peeing on that Park Service land. Call it a “pee-out” (rather than a sit-in.)

Our objective: Free the Willy

Our message for the Park Service: Urine in Hot Water Now

We were hoping to make a big splash in the papers, but Bob dissuaded me from pulling it off.
True Story Too.

I was ice fishing yesterday on Walden Pond with young Nimrod, Brendan. We were on that cold ice for hours. No strikes. Out in the Open. In full view of all those Transcendentalists Wanna Bees tourists.............I wonder where Thoreau would have gone?:D
fitz last time i fished walden through the ice we set up to catch browns. we didn't catch any trout but had a great day catching several smallmouths about 3.5 pds average. this was a pleasant surprise. paul shirley