Sad news - Chuck Newland


Long time WCHA'er Chuck Newland died last Monday. He was 84. I had the pleasure of paddling with him and visiting his shop. He was an avid outdoors person, paddling, hiking and camping until very recently. About 4 years ago, he stopped at my house as he hiked by carrying a 50# pack, "getting in shape" for a long hike he was planning. He was 80 at the time.

Chuck led the strip building workshop at Assembly 6 or 7 years ago.
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Chuck Newland

so sorry to hear the news about Chuck. If it hadn't been for him the strip canoe would never have been finished in time for the raffle. Chuck worked every day (and a couple of nights) on the canoe sharing his knowledge and skill with us. Though Chuck did not make the last few assemblies he left an indelible mark at the construction and repair tent.