Transporting a canoe w/ no gunwales


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I have a chance to pick up an old Kennebec, about 1/2 drive, but it has no inwales or outwales, and it's pretty fragile. My pickup has a fiberglass shell with a roofrack. I also have some 4 foam blocks? Any suggestions?:eek:
Had that happen once.

what I did was make some temporary whales and screwed them on with deck screws and my cordless drill Then I used duct tape to wrap up the ends because --- I am a guy and I Always use duct tape when I can.
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Temp. Rails

The decks are off this canoe, too. I guess I could make some temp. decks based on the old ones...would you only screw into the decks, or through some ribs (in the center of the canoe) as well?:confused:

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I wouldn't bother with temporary decks, that's what the duct tape is for. Wrap up the ends. The cheapie one inch pine, or whatever have you need be roughly long enough to go end to end. You'll need four. Oh, another idea. Some folks use plastic wrap to fasten up bundles of stuff. Syran wrap?the temp inwhale can be used for to attach a 1 x 2 as a thwart. Or two. And deck screws self tap. No pre drill. I did not have to travel far so did not fuss much with my temp 'whales. Put the screws through ribs or not. I would not think that it matters. Basically you will be doing alot of repair from the sounds of it. you may even lower the 'whales if your canoe is deep enough to start with.
oH, one more thing

I think you wanted to know where to put the deck screws. I think I put a screw through from outwhale to temp inwhale every six to eight inches, just enough to transport.